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Mohamed Fawaz
Marketing Consultant and Coach

Talented and Creative Online Marketing Expert with skills including Social Media, Email Marketing, and Traffic Generation Strategies to get Results. Mohamed Fawaz and Is an expert conductor of facilitating the perpetual motion of online marketing innovation with expert knowledge in social media marketing, pay-per-click campaign management, email marketing, and traffic generation, he is capable of handling the complete spectrum of your online marketing needs.!

Peter Boros, MBA
Business Consultant and Coach

I present business strategies that generate immediate results of the consumer experience and staff production output. Fluently bilingual, university trained professional in business operations, a leader focused on action, achieving results quickly and effectively. Constantly monitoring the process, operations structure, while optimising human resources, materials and financial objectives. Experienced negotiator, a positive communicator of/to the client needs. Constantly aware.

Mahmoud Abdelal, PMP®

Seasoned Project Manager / Program Control Officer with 8+ years of project management experience. Practical PMF, SDLC knowledge, financial management systems, IT infrastructure and development project management in large mission critical/high availability environments. Familiarity with various IT project management tools and methodologies in the financial, transportation, and telecommunication industry complemented with strong communication, presentation, analytical, negotiating, customer relationship management, organizational, and technical skills.


Harry Lawson
Technical Assistant

A professional software development expert.With more than 4 years of Experience in configuring and troubleshooting Object Oriented programming,Harry has been able to work directly and indirectly with over 100 reputable clients in USA and Africa. 

Hey, it’s Mohamed Fawaz. I’m the co-founder of (SMA) Sticky Marketing Academy Team.

I’m excited that you made it here. It means you’re ready to explore how my awesome team can become your most amazing awesome team and support you in bringing more of your vision to the huge comparative marketplace out there, as we’ve done for years for some of the top names in the online marketing space and Brick and mortar businesses.

The first step is to schedule your discounted consultation with me personally.

You might be wondering… why pay for a “sales call”?

Well, first let me tell you: this isn’t a sales call. This is an actual (highly discounted) consultation where I get to support your business through my expertise in business, marketing, branding, technology, sales funnels, and more.

If you pay for an hour of my time, you’ll get exponential value for your business, and you’ll know right away whether we’re a fit to serve you.

Having worked closely with many of our “Big Brand” clients with their business launches, business consulting, lead generation and sales funnels – I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t, and I’m excited to apply those years of in-depth experience to your business.

Then, if you’re the right fit, and you’d like our support in building out or scaling your vision online, we’ll talk about how we can best serve you.

We’re love partnering with the right kind of entrepreneurs whose values align with ours and whose vision we can support.

We typically work best with entrepreneurs and companies who:
  • Are already doing 5 or 6 figures online, or doing well off-line and ready to take their brands online (though, we’ve also worked with startups when budget isn’t an issue)
  • Require on-going support with technology, marketing automation, creative design, brand, and related needs
  • Have a vision for growth beyond their current business level, and want a team to support that growth in the long term
  • Understand the value of experienced expertise and scalable, proper implementation of marketing technology
  • Appreciate the value of creative custom design and high end branding
  • Prefer a single point of contact, all under one roof
  • Are positively serving the world with their message, products and services
We’re not the best fit for those who:
  • Are looking for smaller, one-off tech projects
  • Have a marketing / technology / design budget of less than $6,000 per month
  • Like to do it all themselves, or prefer to personally manage a bunch of outsourcers for various tasks
  • Already have ALL of their online assets in place, and just need traffic (we can recommend many traffic hubs, but that’s not our main focus)
  • Are promoting “shady” or dishonest products or services (Get Rich Quick, Porn, gambling, etc..)

If it sounds like we might be a fit to work together, I invite you to schedule your first consultation with me. While my typical rate for consulting starts at $350/hour (and typically not available outside of our existing retainer clients), I’ll do this first call with you for $150 (my ulterior motive here is to add so much value for you in a single hour, that you’re thrilled to join us as a client after, provided we’re a fit for implementation).

If you’d like to talk in-depth about tech systems on our call, just let me know in your application and I’ll get our “sought after Business technology Supreme Master Kai” VP Peter Boros on the line for 15 minutes of our meeting.

Just fill out the application below and schedule your call on my calendar.

Guaranteed Value or your money back: If you don’t find value in our first conversation (very unlikely) – simply let me know and I’ll refund every penny of what you paid for the consult. It’s not about the $150 – it’s about ensuring that we’re a great fit to work together by providing exponential value for you in a paid consultation (plus, I like to keep my primary focus on serving our clients and leading our team, so I try to limit my consulting time to those who are truly a great fit).

Before we worked together, I know exactly where I wanted to go in terms of my consulting services, but I didn’t have the confidence with my strategy for getting there was realistic or feasible. Since working with Peter, I have had the confidence and clarity to work toward my goals would absolutely recommend that anyone starting out on their entrepreneurial journey to work with Moez and Peter. It is like fuel for your business. They took the time and the patience to listen, and listen deeply and ask lots of questions to find out what was the issue with my business and follow up with my challenges and concerns. Highly recommended

Marline Thomas

Before our call, I was worried that Peter would be too “High level” for me. I thought he might not able to relate to my challenges. I was also concerned that I’d have to scramble to take notes during the call. During our call, Peter helped me develop a clear plan on which people and companies to target for business. In addition, I also have a great plan and new motivation on how to best use my resources when it feels impossible to work and find time. I would recommend a call with peter to other for sure

Vladimir Pustovyi

Amazing in one sentence. Peter provided me with a few links and resources that will save me hours of effort and increase my chances of success for my email outreach strategy. Peter has a wealth of knowledge and experience that were very helpful. I came away with confidence and a plan of action I can put to work right away to connect with people in a new business area

Craig Martin

You know those times when you sit and look at a problem to figure out a solution but you can’t, just wishing that someone was standing there over your shoulder telling you what to do? That is what talking to Peter felt like, he was the person watching over my shoulder telling me what to do, and how to increase, fix bugs in my business’s system. Great advice. Thank you

Michael Johnson


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