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We believe in challenging the “Status Quo”


We believe in thinking differently

The way we challenge the “Status Que” is by using our creativity as the default thinking to help develop Small and Medium solutions for Small and Medium businesses utilizing Social Media and the power of business consulting. Our products are beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly.


And we also happen to offer creative premium web design, web content creation, and social media advertising


That you’re a small or medium business which needs innovation, business and marketing consulting and coaching services to start making 6/7/8 or even 9 figures in profit to be able to develop new systems for your organization and your customers … That is where we come in

… A consulting/coaching/web design and development team that quickly grasps your vision and creates innovative, effective designs to bring that vision to life.

… Websites, funnels and membership experiences that are both visually stunning and rooted in proven, industry-leading marketing strategies.

… a “one-stop“ solution to your technology and design needs that actually delivers on the promise of ease of communication, reliability and integrated support.

With Sticky Marketing Academy Team, we share your passion for making a positive impact in the world through business.

We see our work together as a dynamic partnership that results in a quadruple win-win-win-win outcome for you, your end customers and us.

Our company was born out of the passion and expertise of our co-founders, Mohamed Fawaz and Peter Boros, who saw the need for an organization that combines the best of innovative technology and creative design with a strong foundation in business and marketing strategy.

As a valued client, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Vision Manager, your primary point of contact who then coordinates with our Vision Artists and Vision Engineers to bring your vision to life online.Click on the pictures below to meet our visionaries…

Mohamed Fawaz
Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Talented and Creative Online Marketing Expert with skills including Social Media, Email Marketing, and Traffic Generation Strategies to get Results. Mohamed Fawaz and Is an expert conductor of facilitating the perpetual motion of online marketing innovation with expert knowledge in social media marketing, pay-per-click campaign management, email marketing, and traffic generation, he is capable of handling the complete spectrum of your online marketing needs.!

Peter Boros, MBA
Business Consultant and Coach

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I present business strategies that generate immediate results of the consumer experience and staff production output. Fluently bilingual, university trained professional in business operations, a leader focused on action, achieving results quickly and effectively. Constantly monitoring the process, operations structure, while optimising human resources, materials and financial objectives. Experienced negotiator, a positive communicator of/to the client needs. Constantly aware.

Mahmoud Abdelal, PMP®
Project Management professional

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Seasoned Project Manager / Program Control Officer with 8+ years of project management experience. Practical PMF, SDLC knowledge, financial management systems, IT infrastructure and development project management in large mission critical/high availability environments. Familiarity with various IT project management tools and methodologies in the financial, transportation, and telecommunication industry complemented with strong communication, presentation, analytical, negotiating, customer relationship management, organizational, and technical skills.

Our unique approach allows for seamless project execution that exceeds industry standards, and wows you and your customers every step of the way.

If you’re tired of…
searching for designers and developers who can keep up with the pace of your business constant delays and lack of communication from your tech/design contractors hearing the words “ it can’t be done ”

… then you are in the right place.

At Sticky Marketing Academy Team, we say “How can we make it happen?” and apply our collective experience, skills and tenacity to create the solutions our clients need to effortlessly bring their vision to reality.

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Peter, you’re a great listener and have provided super valuable answers and it was fun speaking with you. I am way mire reassured about my business plans now

Peter Law

I was worried I wouldn’t make the most of the time, as there was so much I wanted to discuss. I needn’t have to worry, Peter steered the consultation in order to cover everything I would have hoped to talk about. I feel I am able to qualify expensive problems from a laundry list I’ve heard and equipped to select solutions that excite me and provide a real return for clients. I have more confidence in my outreach plans now. Totally recommend Peter. Just one advice, you’ll want to hire him for the whole 60 minutes

Ahmed Jackson

Moez knows exactly what is he capable of and he’s prepared to help business grow their outreach strategy. I look forward to connecting with him again

Mark Trigg
Moez helped me with my marketing strategy two months ago where I had amazing results. One of the product idea we discussed, I was able to build and ship 4 days and paying customers within the first few days. The direction have been invaluable and should help steer the business for the next 6-8 months

Thanks again Mohamed

Tony Art


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